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Samchai Industry.,co Ltd was formed in 2000 as a powder coating factory in Samutsakorn, Thailand. With the experience over 30 years of family business in metal industry, we decided to take a step forward to a finishing industry by forming our own powder coating company under the name of Samchai Industry. The company had steadily grown over the years and it now fully operates on a wide range of product size, variety of colors, and textures for more than 17 years in this industry.

Integrity and quality come first are the priorities of our company. Our advanced production in-houses facility includes a variety of spray booths, large batch ovens, and a high-volume conveyor line. Our company meets high quality standards of today's manufacturers and suppliers who rely on us to provide the services. We increase the product value to serve markets locally, nationally, and internationally.

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Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as dry powder which is different from a conventional liquid paint. Powder coating is a method of attaching electrically-charged-powder coating particles on the metal, and curing it under the heat. This is to allow it to flow and form a flawless skin. It is usually used to create a hard-finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

Powder Coating Process


Chemical preparation of various types of metal and aluminum for ensuring long lasing results


Selecting a suitable powder for the finish. Spraying by applied electrostatic attraction to metal evenly. Then, queuing items on conveyor line for curing stage


Oven-heated around 220 -235 degrees celsius to fuse the color powder into a smooth and hard skin

Powder Coating Application

Color selection is virtually unlimited with high and low gloss finishes. Colors tend to stay bright and vibrant longer. Texture selections range from smooth surfaces to a wrinkled or matte finish.

Powder coating is mainly used for coating of aluminum, steel, brass, and stainless steel; such as furniture appliances, aluminum, medical equipment, storage racks, lighting fixtures, fan, automobile and bicycle parts.

Powder Coating Types


For exterior usage, this powder type is suitable for outdoor weather and scratch resistance for long lasting benefit which is able to endure the effects of wind, rain, or the sun.


This powder is suitable for industrial applications and interior decorative finishes as requiring water and chemical resistance.


Power coating is the environmentally friendly alternative as opposed to toxic wet paints and electro plating. The coating process does not use solvents, meaning there are no VOC emissions. Powder coating is just that, the application of a powder - one that is non-toxic. It can be safely used on products such as food service equipment which in its raw form, is no more harmful than dust.

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